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Denise – Camden Town

By December 22, 2012January 3rd, 2015Blog, Engineering, Mixing, Music
Denise - Camden Town Album Cover

Over the past year or so, I’ve been involved in an amazing production called Camden Town by Denise. The 14-track album is a explosion of styles ranging from jazz to soul to instrumental to rap all written by the talented Denise Jahnigen. Featuring 44 musicians from four continents, I have been very fortunate to record many elements from this album, play guitar on two tracks and mix 7 tracks!

Camden Town was composed by Denise Jahnigen who not only wrote the music and lyrics, but also wrote and orchestrated all the string parts which were recorded in New Orleans with a proper New-Orleans-style rhythm section. The album is full of gorgeous melodies and jazzy, yet poppy, chord progressions. Denise has a great ability of taking complex chord progressions from the world of jazz and making them very accessible and natural to even an untrained ear.

I had the great fortune of being able to play electric guitar on two tracks – Amy and Crazy Magnolia – which I recorded in my studio, and also engineered/recorded various elements like drums, piano, bass, French horn, percussion and BVs in Snap Studios and Alice’s Loft Music (see below). More importantly for me, was the chance to mix 7 tracks which I am very proud of. The album was skilfully mastered by the great Ray Staff of Air Studios and is now available on CD and Vinyl (my first vinyl release!).

Denise - Camden Town - Thanks

“…Adam Crowe for his incredible patience, support, and advice throughout this entire project…”


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This album has been in the works for a long time and I know how hard Denise worked on it, and I believe the result reflects that. I’m very proud and honoured to take part in it. I encourage everybody to have a listen to the album below and moreover, buy a copy!

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