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Recording King Lizard

By May 30, 2011January 3rd, 2015Blog, Music
King Lizard - Viva La Decadence

King Lizard delivered raw power and were a pleasure to work with. We only had two days to do the track at Snap Studios in North London so there was little time to take proper photos but the Lizards took some video shots of the process which I’m sure they’ll post somewhere.

I did the engineering, recording and mixing of the track and it was mastered by the talented John Webber at Blue Pro Mastering. The track and the album are released on the Psycho DeVito label.

Johnny B. Goode is available on iTunes and is the whole Viva La Decadence album!

Also, if you get a chance, try to catch King Lizard live. They put up a hell of a show!

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