The Journey, the search and forgiveness...

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Walked a thousand miles tonight
To find the love that I had lost
In this dark I see no light
My burning heart won’t let me down no more

Drove a thousand miles tonight
Through distant towns and endless roads
With these old wheels by my side
I’ll search this land to find your broken heart

Darling run away with me
Our destiny is written in the stars
These rusty strings will set us free
Come on baby sing tonight

Flew a thousand miles tonight
To distant corners of the earth
Your smiles fill a hole inside
Which cannot be misunderstood

Baby shine a light on me
Remove the devil’s claws from my soar heart
Your angel eyes can break me free
Come on baby sing tonight


Adam Crowe – Guitars and Vocals
Ben McKone – Drums
James McKone – Bass
Bruce Davidson – Piano and Hammond
Lee Sloan – Additional Acoustic Guitars

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Adam Crowe.
Recorded at Snap Studios
Mastered by John Webber at Blue Pro Studios

Promo Video

The original promo video I posted online. It was recorded while tracking the piano part with the amazing Bruce Davidson.

In the Studio