29 BUS
The bus from hell

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If you’ve lived in North London during the ‘bendy bus’ period you will know what I’m talking about. The bus from hell. Running 24 hours, the 29 bus is an adventure you better stay away from.


Running through the jungle on a lonely trail
Picking up the pieces of this city’s tale.
You won’t see friendly faces, just bitter tears and dust.
You better watch you back on the 29 bus.

No hero will be found across this battlefield.
Just lonely unarmed soldiers with bare hearts for shield.
You better keep your mouth shut and your eyes onto the rust.
If you want to stay alive on the 29 bus.

Better safe than sorry (on the 29 bus).
There won’t be any glory (on the 29 bus).
60ft of sorrow run late into the night.
To hell and back aboard the 29 bus.


Adam Crowe – Vocals and Guitars
Ben McKone – Drums
James McKone – Bass
Bruce Davidson – Piano and Hammond

Recorded at Snap Studios, London.
Engineered and mixed by Adam Crowe.
Mastered by John Webber at Blue Pro Mastering.

From the Studio

A video taken with a regular camera of me tracking one of the guitar parts. The fantastic facilities in Snap Studios allow me to play in the control room while the amp is blasting away in the live room.