With 15 years’ experience in complex software engineering, virtually any project is feasible. From a simple desktop applications to enterprise-level networked database-driven real-time solution.


  • C#
  • C++
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • NoSQL
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Access

  • .NET
  • Qt Multi-Platform
  • Web Services
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)



Patchbay Design and Labelling Software

Commercial Windows desktop application for designing patchbay systems and accurately printing labels for designation strips. It features an intuitive and user friendly interface, self-updating database of patchbay templates, proprietary licensing system and automatic updates.

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Real-Time Task Synchroniser

Built exclusively for the Israeli Air Force’s missile test unit and valued at $3.5m, this Windows desktop software best described as a real-time networked gantt chart with tasks running from a negative time towards a T-00:00:00 deadline. The software is used to synchronise the To Do lists of the various participating bodies in the event providing immediate feedback to the supervisors on the progress of the operation.

The powerful features include the ability to edit the tasks with instant updates pushed to all users across the network, synchronisation to an external IRIG countdown clock, scalable design, reporting, a clear user interface and tactical real-time responsiveness.

The design utilises mainly C#, Microsoft Web Services and Microsoft SQL Server.

Winner of the Israeli Air Force Technical Achievement Award (2000-2007)

The First Israeli Portal for Musicians

An ambitious project which began in the early days of the World Wide Web with aim to be the Go To resource in Hebrew for young musicians in Israel. Built from scratch using PHP/MySQL in the pre-WordPress days of the Internet, the website featured a proprietary multi-user content management system and a simple advertising banners placer and counter.

The portal offered a news and editorial articles, user reviews of audio equipment, an upload section for users to share their work and receive feedback, and a notorious forums section which at the height of the website’s successful run was The meeting place for aspiring young musicians some of whom are households names nowadays.

Being the sole developer, focusing on education, and with Facebook coming along and drawing the attention of the younger users, the website closed in October 2007.